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Experiencing Difficulty Future Failure (soid020)

"I hear a LOT of perfectly boring music these days that sounds the same as a thousand things I've heard a thousand silly times before, but this music does NOT fall into that category."

Kramer (NYC), 2006

Experiencing Difficulty Diffiencing Expericulty (soid003)

"Right from the beginning, I knew Experiencing Difficulty and myself were not going to get along. The name of their CD is Diffiencing Expericulty; isn't it cute when people switch parts of words around?. The first track is a mere 19:09 in length with no discernable rhythm. "Experiencing Difficulty can be very difficult listening and is not recommended for the amateur music listener," reads the liner. Well, label me "amateur" E.D., but I wouldn't recommend this shit to anyone of any experience level. Hey, track three's got a beat!. The more I hear, the more I hate."

taken from vancouver special, discorder magazine / november 2000

Experiencing Difficulty Soul is the Goal (exp002)

"We reviewed these guys not too long back... they call 'emselved #116 Productions. Sounds like a duo to me, this time out. V-E-R-Y "improv-ish", heavy percussives with some kewl bass support. No promo material this time out, just this pastel orange j-sheet that makes it come across as kinda' "sparse". Th' "soul" theme is from th' backbeat-oriented funk-stuph that serves as th' basis for sum DEMENTIA! Doubt too many "dee-troiters" (th' ol' time ones, anyway) would get off on this... but th' ZZAJ did! Itz' MUCH fun, & has far better production values than that first tape we reviewed by 'em! If ya' can imagine Parliament (in their funkiest vein) on a B-A-D trip, disjoined to th' max... yer' GOT it! Bits sound (verzure) sampled, but there's enuff ORIGINAL (nearly ab-ORIGINAL) energy to keep th' pace up to near-whatk! Gettin' better all' time, # 116. Keep 'em COMING! RECOMMENDED for those into electronic tribal musique!"

taken from improvijazzation nation / date unknown

Experiencing Difficulty MGF vs ExpDiff (exp001)

"Ahhh.. what to make of this stuff.. The closest comparison I can think of would have to be a lounge band on every hallucinogen in the book. The intro track is almost reminiscent of a Space Streakings sort of drum program with some abstract horns and percussion. As the cassette advances, you get bombarded with demented elevator music with all sorts of instrumentation. I can't really think of anything to say about this other than if all elevators played music like this, I think we'd have to enforce ordinances about loitering in elevators!"

taken from improvijazzation nation / spring 1996

Experiencing Difficulty MGF vs ExpDiff (exp001)

".. Mixing childhood toy noises, jazz tunes, random bits of noise and trying to jusitfy to the world that it has musical content. I could have sworn that I escaped from wind up melodies when I was three. Excellent torture music for little children as you go at their toy collection with napalm, chainsaws, industrial solvents, and howitzers. The boogie man has dragged the merriment out of the closet and has proceeded to spam your ears with the entirety at once. Might want to check into what fell into this bands water before you purchase."

taken from Sonic Boom / Summer 1995

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