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Experiencing Difficulty was formed in 1993 when the SoH radio show host Haitchc teamed up with Caffeine Charlie.

Together they utilized equipment at the radio station to record tapeloops, turntable manipulation and miscellaneous cacophony into microphones. After a few initial recordings, they decided to feature the group on the radio show for a live spontaneous performance. They were pleased enough with the results that they continued to perform spontaneous 'jam sessions' live to air, recording them to be edited later. Over the years they have accumulated a wide array of makeshift instruments, musical toys, organic sound effect objects, and a sizable oddball vinyl record collection between the two of them.

Experiencing Difficulty can be very difficult listening, and is not recommended for the amateur music listener. Persistant attempts to enjoy this band would ultimately reward any listener, but a full knowledge of all forms of bizarre music may be essential in order to appreciate all that Experiencing Difficulty has to offer.

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