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rainjacket is an imaginative project directed by unjin yeo.

originally from seoul, unjin has been playing bass and electronics in korea's underground since the mid '90s, as a member of yellow kitchen. in its early days, yellow kitchen focused on making unique sounds from feedback, unbalanced guitar harmonics, delayed bass loops, processed ambience, and noise. later on, the sound evolved into a mixture of computer-generated signals and other analogue inputs. yellow kitchen's first album, released in 1996 with crying nut, was the first independent album released in korea.

unjin moved to vancouver in 1998 and began producing rainjacket in late 1999. he recorded analogue sound sources provided by local musicians john masa anzai, kelly churko, djb, and josh schwartzentruber. the sounds were mixed with analogue keyboards, toys, bass, and loops. the resampled sound sources became rainjacket.

it's the lack of melody
it's the lack of communication
it's the space beat.

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