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Haitch has been producing music and DJ'ing in various forms since the early 1980's in his hometown of Birmingham, England. He now resides in the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. He is the host and resident DJ of the CiTR radio show Plutonian Nights. Much has changed in his composition and production style since the early days of 4bit sampler/tape loop experimentation, but much hasnt. Although his recordings and performances feature a wider variety of textures and sounds, and a larger body of equipment, they are still wonderfully primitive in many ways, preoccupied with the question of how the worlds inside and outside of the boxes can come together.
(c)1999 t.bannister
The line between DJ and performer is blurry. Utilizing anything from a stock turntable approach to many addition sound sources and techniques. He is particularly fond of completely improvised performances, incorporating large amounts of original material and layers.

Plutonian Nights is broadcast every other Tuesday via FM, cable, realaudio and shoutcast. The show is hosted/performed by Haitch, with guest DJ's and performers frequently. There's a link to the show's website in the top frame. The Plutonia Collective also broadcast at varying other times, providing many different methods of tuning in. Plutonia is also a base for many other creative projects and gatherings, encompassing more than audio work, it is an open collective.

(this artist has mp3's/realaudio online available for free download, click on releases in the top frame for available tracks and discography)